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19 products
19 products
19 products
  1. Linseed oil
    Vecteur Sante

    Linseed oil

    120 capsules
  2. Linseed oil

    Linseed oil

    100 softgels of 1250mg (1250mg)
    $19.57 Msrp Price $34.29 As low as $18.00
  3. Flax Seed Oil
    Sura Vitasan

    Flax Seed Oil

    90 softgels of 1000mg
    $17.89 Msrp Price $20.35 As low as $16.82
  4. Flax Seed Oil

    Flax Seed Oil

    90 softgels of 1000mg
    $16.37 Msrp Price $18.10 As low as $15.39
  5. Psyllium
    Tonic Nature


    200 g
  6. Organic linen
    My Cosmetik

    Organic linen

    120 capsules of 500mg
  7. Organic flax powder
    Sfb Laboratoires

    Organic flax powder

    250 g of powder
  8. Flax seed oil

    Flax seed oil

    90 capsules of 1000mg
    $25.80 Msrp Price $33.40 As low as $24.25
  9. Flax Oil
    Sol Natural

    Flax Oil

    250 ml
  10. Flax oil

    Flax oil

    110 softgels of 710mg
    $5.04 Msrp Price $5.37 As low as $4.64
  11. Flax Seed Oil Flaxseed Oil
    Health Aid

    Flax Seed Oil Flaxseed Oil

    60 capsules of 1000mg
    $14.52 Msrp Price $18.78 As low as $13.65
  12. Flax Seed Oil

    Flax Seed Oil

    60 capsules of 1000mg
    $13.09 Msrp Price $13.38 As low as $12.30
  13. Flax seed oil

    Flax seed oil

    60 softgels
    $8.46 Msrp Price $9.84 As low as $8.04
  14. Flax Seed Oil
    Nature Essential

    Flax Seed Oil

    50 softgels of 500mg
    $4.66 Msrp Price $7.98 As low as $4.38
  15. Linseed oil
    Will be in stock soon
    Herbal Actives

    Linseed oil

    30 capsules
  16. Transilin
    Will be in stock soon


    250 g
19 Items

Have you heard about the properties of flax? Well surely what they have told you about its benefits falls short. Taking flax seeds is not only a good remedy against constipation, but it also helps to treat different digestive disorders, lower cholesterol, improve the health of skin and hair, etc. Whether they are flax seeds, flaxseed oil or flax capsules, it is a food that should not be missing in any balanced diet. We tell you all the advantages of linen!

Flax properties

Flax seeds, or linseed, are a natural remedy with multiple benefits for the body. Among the properties of the best-known flax seeds, their high fiber content stands out, which makes them a natural treatment for constipation. They also contain significant amounts of vitamins and minerals, which makes them suitable for states of fatigue.

The benefits of flax do not end here, since taking flaxseed also relieves digestive disorders such as gastritis, gas or heartburn. In addition, flax seeds are high in Omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for the skin, hair and cholesterol reduction. Finally, flax is also used to control the symptoms of menopause and the discomfort of arthritis.

How to take flax

There are different ways to take flax to benefit from its properties. The simplest is to take whole flax seeds directly, which you can ingest directly or add to your muesli, salads, stir-fries ... Another possibility is flax seed oil , which can be ingested mixed with drinks and food or applied directly to the skin , in the form of poultices, etc. Finally, there are flax capsules to take as a dietary supplement that include a high concentration of its active ingredients.

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