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Nasal hygiene

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63 products
63 products
63 products
  1. Oligaler


    20 ampoules of 2ml
  2. Hypertonic tonimer

    Hypertonic tonimer

    125 ml
    $11.26 Msrp Price $13.98 As low as $10.58
  3. Aboca Fitonasal Pediatric

    Aboca Fitonasal Pediatric

    125 ml
    $15.21 Msrp Price $15.29 As low as $14.30
  4. Actimar Fialoidi

    Actimar Fialoidi

    15 vials of 5ml
  5. Emosalv Plus Nasal Swab

    Emosalv Plus Nasal Swab

    5 units
  6. Lota Adult
    Yoga Confort

    Lota Adult

    1 unit of 250ml
  7. Aluneb 15 Flc.
    Sakura Italia

    Aluneb 15 Flc.

    15 vials of 4ml
  8. Fitonasal Pediatric Nebulizer

    Fitonasal Pediatric Nebulizer

    125 ml
    $16.69 Msrp Price $16.75
  9. Eumill Hypertonic Nose (OTC)

    Eumill Hypertonic Nose (OTC)

    1 unit
  10. Emsan nasal rinsing salt

    Emsan nasal rinsing salt

    30 units
    $5.59 Msrp Price $6.98 As low as $5.42
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The nose performs an important function of filtering the air to prevent pathogens or contaminants from entering our respiratory system. Discover your nasal decongestant and start breathing!

With the nasal hygiene products available in the Naturitas online store, you can clean and hydrate your nose in the easiest and most natural way. Discover our range of nasal spray for adults, nasal spray for children, natural nasal spray or nasal spray for allergies from brands such as Rhinomer or Puressentiel, to clear and clean the nose.

We also have refills for your nasal spray and nasal lota for a nasal cleaning. In addition, in our nasal hygiene section you can find Nasdil nasodilizers for sport or anti-snoring, simple and effective, which will become essential in your day to day once you have tried them. All these products are based on natural ingredients that are harmless to your body but with proven efficacy, such as sterilized seawater.

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