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16 products
16 products
  1. White Willow 400 Mg

    White Willow 400 Mg

    60 capsules
  2. Organic White Willow
    Nature et Partage

    Organic White Willow

    60 capsules
  3. Herbasprine Forte

    Herbasprine Forte

    30 tablets
    $11.44 Msrp Price $11.83 As low as $10.64
  4. Willow Plus

    Willow Plus

    60 capsules
    $12.21 Msrp Price $12.49 As low as $11.36
  5. White Willow Bark Extract, 500mg

    White Willow Bark Extract, 500mg

    60 vegetable capsules
    $8.89 Msrp Price $10.98 As low as $8.36
  6. Willow


    100 tablets of 500mg
  7. Herbodiet Bark Willow
    Nova Diet

    Herbodiet Bark Willow

    60 g
  8. Willow Bag
    Soria Natural

    Willow Bag

    50 g
    $1.90 Msrp Price $2.40 As low as $1.77
  9. Willow
    El Naturalista


    80 g
  10. Salice Gemme (willow)

    Salice Gemme (willow)

    200 ml
  11. Lymph complex willow more
    Will be in stock soon

    Lymph complex willow more

    50 ml
  12. PSC Salix Alba
    Will be in stock soon
    Forza Vitale

    PSC Salix Alba

    15 ml
  13. White Willow Bark, 400mg
    Will be in stock soon

    White Willow Bark, 400mg

    90 capsules
  14. Willow Extract S / Al
    Will be in stock soon
    Soria Natural

    Willow Extract S / Al

    50 ml
    $8.02 Msrp Price $9.43
  15. Willow bark
    Will be in stock soon

    Willow bark

    60 g
  16. Holofit Elder
    Will be in stock soon

    Holofit Elder

    180 capsules
16 Items

The medicinal properties of willow are due to the salicin content of the bark of this tree, from which salicylic acid (a component of aspirin) is obtained. Willow has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic effects that make it suitable for various applications. To enjoy the benefits of willow, you can use dried willow bark to prepare herbal teas, infusions, poultices and other natural remedies; Or buy food supplements with willow.

What are the properties of willow

Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make taking willow to help relieve headaches and back pain, as well as rheumatic, muscle or joint pain. It also reduces the discomfort of menstruation and associated with menopause. In addition, willow bark is very effective in reducing fever caused by colds, flu and infections of the gastric and urinary system. Another of the interesting properties of willow is its ability to combat heartburn, diarrhea and other digestive disorders.

Finally, applying willow to the skin helps to clean and heal wounds, burns, corns and warts, thanks to the powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial action of this substance.

Ways to take willow

The active ingredients of the willow tree are present mainly in the bark, which cannot be ingested directly but can be prepared in different ways to benefit from its properties. For example, you can buy dried willow bark to make herbal teas and herbal teas to relieve pain, inflammation, and digestive disorders.

Another possibility is to prepare willow poultices or poultices to apply directly to the skin and thus treat different skin conditions. Finally, there are several food supplements made from willow, which are available in the form of capsules, willow extract or creams and ointments that contain its active ingredient.

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