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Isotonic drinks

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66 products
66 products
66 products
  1. Ergysport Effort

    Ergysport Effort

    450 g of powder
    $17.44 Msrp Price $18.70 As low as $16.39
  2. Iso Plus
    Olimp Sport Nutrition

    Iso Plus

    1505 g of powder
  3. Energy drink

    Energy drink

    1 kg (Orange)
    $23.09 Msrp Price $26.42 As low as $21.70
  4. Isotonic Powder

    Isotonic Powder

    280 g of powder (Orange - Mango)
  5. Taurine Gel (Banana Flavor)

    Taurine Gel (Banana Flavor)

    1 unit
    $1.67 Msrp Price $1.95 As low as $1.49
  6. Taurine gel (lemon flavor)

    Taurine gel (lemon flavor)

    1 unit
    $1.67 Msrp Price $1.95 As low as $1.39
  7. Taurine Gel (Strawberry Flavor)

    Taurine Gel (Strawberry Flavor)

    1 unit (Strawberry)
    $1.87 Msrp Price $1.95 As low as $1.51
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When practicing intense sport, you immediately start sweating. In addition to water, with sweat your body loses a high volume of salts that are very important for its proper functioning. For this reason, hydration is essential in sports nutrition.

What are isotonic drinks

Isotonic drinks are sports food products formulated to contain, in addition to water, a series of salts, minerals, sugars, carbohydrates and other nutrients. The function of the ingredients contained in the composition of isotonic drinks is to restore the normal levels of salts and minerals in the body.

The fact of ingesting these nutrients in liquid form makes them pass more quickly to our body than when we take them in solid form. That is why it is advisable to drink isotonic drinks during and after exercise, especially when there are high temperatures, to prevent dehydration, heat stroke and other risks.

The best natural isotonic drinks

At Naturitas you can buy the best brands of isotonic drinks, such as Ergysport Effort from Nutrisport , Goldrink Premium from Gold Nutrition or Hydrasport from Recuperat-Ion . These sports drinks are available in various forms such as isotonic drink sachets , powder for preparing isotonic drinks, gel or liquid. To make isotonic drinks with these preparations, you only have to add water in the indicated amounts.

Natural isotonic drinks are also increasingly popular. These types of isotonic drinks are made with natural organic certified ingredients, and contain no artificial colors, preservatives and other additives. Finally, we have gluten-free isotonic drinks for celiacs, vegan and vegetarian isotonic drinks without animal ingredients, and isotonic drinks without allergens.

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