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40 products
  1. Mirtilo 360 mg

    Mirtilo 360 mg

    50 capsules
  2. Blueberry Berry Extract with Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)

    Blueberry Berry Extract with Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)

    60 vegetable capsules
    $24.85 Msrp Price $44.89 As low as $22.86
  3. Bilberry Plus

    Bilberry Plus

    60 capsules
  4. Neocys


    30 capsules
  5. SYS Cranberry
    Forza Vitale

    SYS Cranberry

    50 ml
  6. Blueberry


    90 softgels
  7. Bilberry Young Shoots Mg

    Bilberry Young Shoots Mg

    100 ml
  8. Les Vaccinium Myrtillus (Blackberry)
    Forza Vitale

    Les Vaccinium Myrtillus (Blackberry)

    50 ml
  9. Enhanced Blueberry Formula

    Enhanced Blueberry Formula

    30 capsules
  10. Blueberry yes

    Blueberry yes

    50 ml
  11. Blackberry (Mirtillo Nero)

    Blackberry (Mirtillo Nero)

    100 ml
  12. Total extract blueberry

    Total extract blueberry

    30 ml
  13. Blueberry Extract (XXI Formula)
    Soria Natural

    Blueberry Extract (XXI Formula)

    50 ml
    $8.10 Msrp Price $10.14 As low as $7.69
  14. Myrtllus TM 31

    Myrtllus TM 31

    50 ml
  15. Blueberry Compound
    Forza Vitale

    Blueberry Compound

    25 g
    $25.20 Msrp Price $29.23 As low as $23.44
  16. Blueberry Hydroalcoholic Solution

    Blueberry Hydroalcoholic Solution

    100 ml
  17. Blackberry


    200 ml
  18. Acerola Plus with Bilberry

    Acerola Plus with Bilberry

    40 tablets
  19. Myrtile


    60 tablets
  20. Myrtle powder
    Dr. Giorgini

    Myrtle powder

    360 g of powder
  21. Mirtillo
    Will be in stock soon
    Winter Natura


    30 capsules
  22. Phytoactive myrtle
    Will be in stock soon

    Phytoactive myrtle

    50 capsules
  23. Blackberry
    Will be in stock soon


    60 capsules
  24. Blueberry berries organic
    Will be in stock soon

    Blueberry berries organic

    200 capsules of 250mg
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Blueberries are known for their antioxidant effects and among them the bilberry stands out, a type of blueberry of European origin widely used in natural medicine for its many benefits. Taking bilberry not only prevents cellular aging and helps fight vision problems, but also promotes blood circulation. Know all the properties of bilberry and how to take it safely!

Properties of bilberry

The bilberry or European blueberry is a berry with numerous medicinal effects. The diverse properties of bilberry come from its anthocyanin and tannin content, two powerful antioxidants that help prevent cell and skin aging.

The main benefits of bilberry are associated with improving vision, especially at night, as well as the prevention of cataracts, blindness caused by diabetes and macular degeneration. In addition, taking bilberry can promote blood circulation by strengthening blood vessels and helping lower cholesterol.

Contraindications of bilberry

The properties of bilberry require ingesting a high concentration of its active principles. For this reason, the most common way to take bilberry is through dietary supplements of this plant. These supplements can be presented in the form of bilberry extract, ampoules or as capsules, tablets or sachets.

As it is a product of natural origin, the side effects of bilberry are very few and generally mild. Despite this, it must be taken into account that the possible contraindications of bilberry, if ingested in amounts greater than those recommended, include the possibility of causing mild digestive upset, skin rashes, drowsiness and, in some cases, a greater probability of suffer kidney stones. Nor should you take bilberry if you follow a treatment with anticoagulants.

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