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Wheat germ oil

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40 products
40 products
  1. Wheat Germ

    Wheat Germ

    500 mg
    $16.34 Msrp Price $17.05 As low as $15.36
  2. Wheat Germ Oil

    Wheat Germ Oil

    120 softgels
  3. Wheat Germ

    Wheat Germ

    125 softgels
  4. Wheat Germ

    Wheat Germ

    220 softgels of 500mg
    $8.22 Msrp Price $11.66 As low as $7.73
  5. Wheat Germ Oil
    Sol Natural

    Wheat Germ Oil

    250 ml
  6. Gertril Wheat Germ Oil
    Soria Natural

    Gertril Wheat Germ Oil

    125 softgels
  7. Wheat Germ and Brewer's Yeast
    Soria Natural

    Wheat Germ and Brewer's Yeast

    500 tablets of 400mg
  8. Wheat germ oil

    Wheat germ oil

    60 softgels
  9. Wheat Germ

    Wheat Germ

    90 softgels
    $11.96 Msrp Price $14.25 As low as $11.36
  10. Prosforce


    60 capsules
  11. Wheat germ

    Wheat germ

    30 softgels of 1000mg (1000mg)
  12. Wheat germ oil

    Wheat germ oil

    200 capsules
  13. Wheat Germ
    Golden Green

    Wheat Germ

    90 softgels
    $11.67 Msrp Price $12.89 As low as $10.97
  14. Wheat Germ Oil

    Wheat Germ Oil

    125 softgels of 500mg
    $10.83 Msrp Price $13.75 As low as $10.18
  15. Wheat Germ

    Wheat Germ

    110 softgels
    $4.63 Msrp Price $6.55 As low as $4.35
  16. Wheat Germ

    Wheat Germ

    50 softgels
  17. Wheat Germ
    Alfa Herbal

    Wheat Germ

    200 softgels of 500mg
  18. Wheat Germ Oil
    Nature Essential

    Wheat Germ Oil

    60 softgels of 500mg
    $5.56 Msrp Price $7.70 As low as $5.23
  19. Germegranate oil
    Will be in stock soon

    Germegranate oil

    100 softgels of 400mg
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Wheat germ oil is extracted from the heart of wheat grains, a nutritional supplement full of benefits. Bursting with Omega 3 essential fatty oils and natural antioxidants, the properties of wheat germ oil include fighting premature aging and protecting the cardiovascular system.

It also has an energizing effect that makes taking wheat germ oil recommended for states of fatigue or sports. Do you want to know it better?

What is wheat germ oil?

Wheat germ is a small part of the wheat kernel that contains everything necessary for the reproduction of this plant. Therefore, it is the most nutritious part of wheat and it is very rich in essential fatty oils, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber, etc. By pressing this part of the plant , wheat germ oil is obtained, which is a powerful natural antioxidant with many healthy properties.

Properties of wheat germ oil

Thanks to its high content of fatty oils, wheat germ oil helps to reduce cholesterol levels, prevent cardiovascular disease and protect the heart and liver. The properties of wheat germ oil also include an antioxidant effect due to its high content of vitamin E. This vitamin fights free radicals and prevents aging. In addition, being very nutritious, taking wheat germ oil reduces fatigue and improves sports performance.

As it is a highly concentrated and digestive product, the contraindications of wheat germ oil are reduced. You can take them daily, either in liquid or wheat germ oil capsules, adding it to your dishes.

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