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40 products
40 products
  1. Otostick Ear Corrector

    Otostick Ear Corrector

    8 units
    $20.28 Msrp Price $23.19 As low as $19.87
  2. Sonofin
    Pharma Otc


    30 capsules
  3. Vibroextract Water

    Vibroextract Water

    50 ml
    $24.55 Msrp Price $27.49 As low as $23.31
  4. Ear Cones

    Ear Cones

    2 units
    $6.74 Msrp Price $6.76 As low as $6.13
  5. Audimer Hygiene

    Audimer Hygiene

    60 ml
    $16.79 Msrp Price $21.51 As low as $15.61
  6. Ear Cones

    Ear Cones

    4 units
  7. Natural wax ear plugs

    Natural wax ear plugs

    16 units
    $6.68 Msrp Price $6.89 As low as $6.15
  8. Anti-noise earplug

    Anti-noise earplug

    6 units
    $7.53 Msrp Price $9.79 As low as $7.30
  9. Otalin (Eye Drops with Propolis)
    Soria Natural

    Otalin (Eye Drops with Propolis)

    15 ml
    $5.55 Msrp Price $5.83 As low as $5.27
  10. Otostick Baby Ear Corrector

    Otostick Baby Ear Corrector

    8 units
  11. Foam ear plugs

    Foam ear plugs

    6 units
    $5.45 Msrp Price $5.51 As low as $5.18
  12. Fitosin 40 drops

    Fitosin 40 drops

    50 ml
  13. Audimer plugs

    Audimer plugs

    12 ml
    $12.89 Msrp Price $13.86 As low as $12.12
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Hearing loss with age is inevitable, but it increasingly appears at younger ages due to improper use of headphones, excessive noise, and other preventable causes. The natural products that you will find in this section can help you!

Considering the close relationship between hearing and language, proper ear care from an early age is the best way to ensure that we will have good hearing for a longer time.

Causes of hearing loss

Hearing problems are irreversible in most cases, but we often don't give them the attention they deserve until it's too late. Basic ear care can prevent hearing loss and prevent infections and other diseases that can affect this important sense for our well-being.

Basic tips for preventing hearing loss include maintaining proper ear hygiene, avoiding exposing yourself to loud noises for long periods of time (such as listening to music or watching TV at high volume), and wearing ear protectors when in an environment noisy work.

Natural remedies for hearing care

Like any other part of our body, the ear also requires essential nutrients for its development and proper function. For example, supplements of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E help maintain the tissues of the inner ear, while magnesium increases blood flow and folic acid prevents the degeneration of sensory cells.

It is also important to maintain proper ear hygiene with the use of organic cotton and bamboo sticks , ear hygiene sprays and ear plugs that protect them from excessive noise.

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