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Plantain major

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11 products
11 products
  1. Plantain Extract

    Plantain Extract

    50 ml
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  2. Plantain Leaves
    Nova Diet

    Plantain Leaves

    40 g
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  3. Shredded Plantain Leaf

    Shredded Plantain Leaf

    50 g
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  4. Plantain
    Soria Natural


    40 g
  5. Plantain


    60 tablets of 500mg
  6. Plantain
    Will be in stock soon
    El Naturalista


    45 g
  7. Plantain Extract
    Will be in stock soon

    Plantain Extract

    50 ml of essential oil
    $7.75 Msrp Price $8.99
  8. Plantain
    Will be in stock soon


    50 g
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The plantain, plantain major or Plantago major by its scientific name, is a herbaceous plant that usually grows in land that is not suitable for crops. However, its “weed” appearance should not mislead you: greater plantain is a medicinal plant with many applications and important health benefits. For example, you can take plantain to fight colds, flu and other respiratory diseases, digestive disorders or skin and eye problems. You want to know more?

Plantain properties

The benefits of greater plantain are due to its high content of mucilage, mineral salts and other active ingredients. Due to that, it is a natural treatment against indigestion, gastric disorders, gases, etc. In addition, it is effective against diarrhea and constipation, by helping to restore intestinal transit. Likewise, plantain is used to fight colds, flu and bronchitis due to its expectorant effect. It is also an anti-inflammatory, a powerful diuretic, and a cure for hemorrhoids and skin conditions.

How to take plantain

There are several ways to take plantain depending on the effects we want to achieve. The first one is to make an infusion or plantain tea , for which we must buy dried plantain leaves and infuse them with boiling water for a few minutes. We can also prepare a plantain poultice to apply on the skin or treat eye conditions.

Another way to take plantain is through dietary supplements such as plantain extract . To do this, you have to dilute a few drops of plantain essence in water, juice or other drinks. Due to the contraindications of plantain, it is not recommended in people with heart disorders, diabetes, pregnancy or lactation. Likewise, it is recommended not to exceed the recommended dose to avoid the side effects of plantain, which include drowsiness, intestinal disorders and dehydration, in specific cases.

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