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42 products
42 products
42 products
  1. SYS Eucalyptus
    Forza Vitale

    SYS Eucalyptus

    50 ml
    $20.91 Msrp Price $24.54 As low as $19.45
  2. Eucalyptus essential oil

    Eucalyptus essential oil

    10 ml
  3. Fifth Eucalyptus Essence
    Forza Vitale

    Fifth Eucalyptus Essence

    10 ml
    $26.67 Msrp Price $27.95 As low as $24.27
  4. Eucalyptus Leaves
    Nova Diet

    Eucalyptus Leaves

    60 g
    $1.17 Msrp Price $1.18
  5. Eucalyptus
    Maese Herbario


    50 g
  6. Eucalyptus Leaves
    Soria Natural

    Eucalyptus Leaves

    70 g
    $2.02 Msrp Price $2.64 As low as $1.88
  7. Eucalyptus Leaves

    Eucalyptus Leaves

    60 g of powder
  8. Eucalyptus
    El Naturalista


    160 g
  9. Eucalyptus
    El Naturalista


    80 g
    $6.42 Msrp Price $6.62 As low as $5.97
  10. Eucalyptus radish

    Eucalyptus radish

    10 ml of essential oil
  11. Eucalyptus radiata

    Eucalyptus radiata

    10 ml of essential oil
    $9.52 Msrp Price $10.12 As low as $8.85
  12. Eucalyptus


    40 g
    $2.70 Msrp Price $3.21 As low as $2.56
  13. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    10 ml
    $5.15 Msrp Price $5.61 As low as $4.79
  14. Eucalyptus Extract (XXI Formula)
    Soria Natural

    Eucalyptus Extract (XXI Formula)

    50 ml
    $9.57 Msrp Price $10.01 As low as $9.09
  15. Eucalyptus Menthol Essential Oil

    Eucalyptus Menthol Essential Oil

    10 ml of essential oil
    $4.93 Msrp Price $5.34 As low as $4.63
  16. HE Eucalyptus radiata ORGANIC
    Will be in stock soon

    HE Eucalyptus radiata ORGANIC

    30 ml of essential oil
  17. Organic lemon eucalyptus essential oil
    Will be in stock soon
    Herbes & Traditions

    Organic lemon eucalyptus essential oil

    30 ml of essential oil
  18. Organic eucalyptus
    Will be in stock soon

    Organic eucalyptus

    10 ml of essential oil
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The eucalyptus is a majestic tree from Australia and New Zealand, where it serves as food for the friendly koalas. However, this plant species is currently cultivated throughout the world and is used to obtain wood, certain chemicals and, of course, in natural medicine. Surely you know the properties of eucalyptus to treat respiratory diseases, but ... do you know that there are other benefits of eucalyptus that are just as interesting but much less known?

Eucalyptus properties

The eucalyptus began to be used as a medicinal plant when it arrived in Europe in the 18th century, although the aboriginal peoples of Oceania already considered it as a sacred tree. The properties of eucalyptus come from its content in eucalyptol, an active principle that is used to make medicines and also has applications in perfumery. In addition, eucalyptus contains tannins, pinenes and other plant assets.

The most well-known benefits of eucalyptus are its expectorant and decongestant effects, which help reduce mucus in colds, flu, bronchitis and other respiratory disorders. The benefits of eucalyptus also include an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action that make it suitable for disinfecting wounds and as a mouthwash for mouth sores. Finally, eucalyptus has the ability to strengthen the immune system and regulate glucose levels in people with diabetes.

How to take eucalyptus

The most popular way to take eucalyptus is to prepare an infusion of eucalyptus with the dried leaves of this plant. They are also used to steam with eucalyptus, although another more convenient option is to use eucalyptus essential oil that contains a high concentration of its active ingredients and is used to make inhalations, poultices and balsams to apply to the chest. In addition, there are many medicines and natural products that contain eucalyptus, such as syrups, candies, ointments, creams, etc.

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