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48 products
48 products
48 products
  1. Healthy Air Atmosphere Spray

    Healthy Air Atmosphere Spray

    30 ml
    $13.02 Msrp Price $13.07 As low as $11.98
  2. Essential oil of lemon rind Bio
    Herbes & Traditions

    Essential oil of lemon rind Bio

    30 ml of essential oil
    $17.36 Msrp Price $18.95 As low as $16.14
  3. Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Tea Tree Essential Oil

    10 ml of essential oil
    $7.74 Msrp Price $11.23 As low as $7.43
  4. Organic Laurel essential oil
    Herbes & Traditions

    Organic Laurel essential oil

    5 ml of essential oil
  5. Echinacea


    100 capsules
  6. Macerated Garlic

    Macerated Garlic

    220 softgels of 500mg
    $6.75 Msrp Price $9.57 As low as $6.41
  7. Garlic Powder

    Garlic Powder

    90 softgels
    $30.49 Msrp Price $37.97 As low as $28.36
  8. Shark Liver Oil Complex

    Shark Liver Oil Complex

    60 capsules (500mg)
    $35.04 Msrp Price $38.31 As low as $32.59
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What is an antiviral?

Viruses are infectious agents responsible for diseases like the cold, flu, chickenpox, or herpes. Contrary to what many people think, viruses cannot be fought with antibiotics or other medications that only treat symptoms: a specific type of treatment that is known as antiviral products is required.

Antivirals are substances with the ability to prevent and fight virus infections. Modern medicine has developed modern antiviral drugs for many diseases; although there are also natural antivirals that are especially effective in prevention and have fewer contraindications and side effects.

The best natural antivirals

Natural antivirals have a powerful antioxidant, antiseptic and blocking effect on the expansion of viruses in our body, with the advantage of not attacking other cells.

Some of the most effective antiviral products are extracts from plants such as tea tree , rosemary , eucalyptus or sage , thanks to their content of diterpenes capable of blocking the action of some viruses. Garlic is also a natural antiviral treatment, by strengthening the immune system, just like other spices such as cinnamon or cloves . Likewise, there are natural compounds with antiviral effect that contain grapefruit , geranium , echinacea and other medicinal plants.

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