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30 products
  1. Copper (Cu) Trace Elements

    Copper (Cu) Trace Elements

    150 ml
    $16.39 Msrp Price $18.63 As low as $15.41
  2. Copper


    500 ml
    $22.45 Msrp Price $27.12 As low as $20.88
  3. Copper


    50 capsules
    $12.06 Msrp Price $15.50 As low as $11.34
  4. Walnut Bio

    Walnut Bio

    50 ml
    $24.48 Msrp Price $27.39 As low as $23.01
  5. Citrate Copper

    Citrate Copper

    60 vegetable capsules
  6. Walnut Bio

    Walnut Bio

    15 ml
    $16.89 Msrp Price $18.59 As low as $15.88
  7. Oligophytum Copper (H4 CUI)

    Oligophytum Copper (H4 CUI)

    100 tablets
  8. Copper Oligogranules
    Waydiet Natural Products

    Copper Oligogranules

    50 capsules
  9. Oligogluco-Cu


    31 ml
    $12.38 Msrp Price $12.54 As low as $11.51
  10. Chelated Copper

    Chelated Copper

    100 tablets
    $9.54 Msrp Price $14.11 As low as $8.87
  11. Glucosor Copper
    Soria Natural

    Glucosor Copper

    28 vials
    $13.71 Msrp Price $15.39 As low as $13.02
  12. Retard Copper
    Soria Natural

    Retard Copper

    24 tablets
    $6.74 Msrp Price $7.18 As low as $6.40
  13. Albion Chelated Copper, 2mg

    Albion Chelated Copper, 2mg

    60 capsules
    $3.13 Msrp Price $3.79 As low as $2.94
  14. Zinc - Copper
    Will be in stock soon

    Zinc - Copper

    14 vials of 2ml
  15. Copper
    Will be in stock soon
    Seewald Nemroya


    60 capsules
  16. Copper (Cu)
    Will be in stock soon

    Copper (Cu)

    20 vials of 2ml
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Taking copper is necessary throughout life, especially in childhood and old age, because it intervenes in the development of bones and is also key for the blood system and the immune system. Find out which foods with copper you can include in your diet and how to supplement their intake with the copper supplements that you can find in Naturitas.

Properties of copper

Copper is one of the essential trace elements for the human body, which participates in important biological processes. The main properties of copper include helping the proper formation of bones and the production of hemoglobin for the blood.

Copper is also an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and bactericidal that boosts the immune system to protect us from infection. Finally, copper in the skin is effective against acne, fungi and to accelerate the healing of scars and marks on the skin.

How to take copper

There are several foods that contain copper, although in very small proportions. The main foods with copper are oysters and shellfish in general, whole grain cereals, legumes, and some fruits and vegetables such as prunes or mushrooms.

In addition to making sure to include these foods in our diet, we can also take copper in the form of food supplements like the ones you will find in this section. They are available in various formats such as tablets, capsules, tablets, ampoules, vials, liquid copper, etc. Copper supplements are an aid to guarantee correct levels of this essential trace element in our body. However, the recommended amounts of these food supplements should not be exceeded to avoid possible contraindications and side effects of copper.

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