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Horse Chestnut

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66 products
66 products
  1. Horse Chestnut

    Horse Chestnut

    120 capsules
  2. Horse Chestnut Semi Plus

    Horse Chestnut Semi Plus

    100 vegetable capsules of 400mg
  3. Veinoform®
    Synergia (FR)


    200 ml
  4. Brown dâ € ™ Inde

    Brown dâ € ™ Inde

    50 ml
  5. Horsechestnut Complex

    Horsechestnut Complex

    60 tablets
    $33.57 Msrp Price $35.04 As low as $31.22
  6. Horse Chestnut Extract XXI Formula
    Soria Natural

    Horse Chestnut Extract XXI Formula

    50 ml
    $7.41 Msrp Price $9.95 As low as $6.89
  7. Horse chestnut

    Horse chestnut

    50 ml
  8. Horse chestnut Capsudiet

    Horse chestnut Capsudiet

    40 vegetable capsules
    $7.85 Msrp Price $12.80 As low as $7.30
  9. Horse Chestnut
    Nova Diet

    Horse Chestnut

    100 g
    $1.61 Msrp Price $1.67
  10. Horse Chestnut Extract (Aesculus H.) Bio

    Horse Chestnut Extract (Aesculus H.) Bio

    100 ml
    $9.87 Msrp Price $14.63 As low as $9.18
  11. Indian chestnut

    Indian chestnut

    90 tablets (300mg)
    $8.40 Msrp Price $9.31 As low as $7.81
  12. Horse Chestnut

    Horse Chestnut

    100 g
    $5.41 Msrp Price $5.96 As low as $5.09
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What is horse chestnut and what is it for?

The horse chestnut is a tree present in many streets and parks in our cities, which is easy to recognize due to its large size and attractive pyramidal flowers. As its name suggests, it is very similar to the common chestnut, but unlike this, its fruits are not edible (they are called "pilongas chestnuts").

Properties of the horse chestnut

Horse chestnut contains vitamins, minerals and plant active ingredients such as flavonoids, tannins, phytosterols, etc. with anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effects. This makes the properties of horse chestnut especially indicated for the treatment of a wide spectrum of circulatory disorders that include, among others: varicose veins, phlebitis, hemorrhoids, tired legs, edema, chilblains, etc.

Apart from that, horse chestnut is an effective diuretic to combat fluid retention and kidney disorders, relieves the discomfort of menstruation and menopause, and can also be effective in cutting diarrhea. In cosmetics, horse chestnut is also used to improve the health of the skin and hair by improving blood flow.

How to take horse chestnut

As we have said, the fruits of the horse chestnut, that is, the pilongas chestnuts, are not edible because they contain a substance that is toxic for humans.

However, in online herbalism stores such as Naturitas you can find a wide variety of food supplements that are made from the active ingredients of horse chestnut: from dried horse chestnut leaves to make infusions, to concentrate or extract of horse chestnut. Indian to drink diluted, as well as horse chestnut vegetable capsules .

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