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Star anise

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18 products
18 products
  1. Organic star anise
    Graine Sauvage

    Organic star anise

    60 vegetable capsules of 375mg
  2. Star Aniseed

    Star Aniseed

    60 tablets (500mg)
  3. Star Anise Essential Oil
    Will be in stock soon

    Star Anise Essential Oil

    10 ml of essential oil
  4. Whole Anise Seeds
    Will be in stock soon

    Whole Anise Seeds

    50 g
  5. Star anise
    Will be in stock soon

    Star anise

    20 g
  6. Star anise
    Will be in stock soon

    Star anise

    50 g
  7. Organic Star Anise
    Will be in stock soon

    Organic Star Anise

    50 g
  8. Star Anise Herb
    Will be in stock soon
    Nova Diet

    Star Anise Herb

    70 g
  9. Star anise
    Will be in stock soon
    Maese Herbario

    Star anise

    50 g
18 Items

Star anise, also known as badian, is a spice with a flavor similar to anise that owes its name to the star shape of its fruits. Coming from China, it is used as a condiment in different recipes such as the famous "five spice powder". However, it is the medicinal properties of star anise that make it highly appreciated in herbal medicine, as it also alleviates stomach problems and helps to heal from a cold. We will tell you all its virtues!

Properties of star anise

Among the most well-known benefits of star anise are its digestive effects, so it is used to prevent the appearance of gas, colic and stomach pain. Chewing or gargling with star anise also helps fight bad breath.

Due to its expectorant and antiviral properties, taking star anise also helps clear the airways in case of colds or flu. In fact, there are flu medications that include the active ingredients of this medicinal plant.

Finally, star anise is good for the skin, helping to heal wounds and scars, or treating rashes and skin problems.

How to take star anise

Plant star anise can be purchased in online herbalists such as Naturitas to consume it directly, either by chewing it or to prepare a tisane or infusion of star anise . Star anise essential oil is also marketed with a high concentration of its active ingredients to take diluted or prepare natural remedies.

Although taking star anise is safe, do not exceed the recommended amounts of these food supplements to avoid possible side effects of star anise. Among other contraindications of star anise , it is not recommended to consume it during pregnancy or lactation, by epileptic people or in the case of chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

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