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If you saw it walking through the mountain, you would surely be struck by its colorful flowers of curious shape. Although, without a doubt, the most interesting thing about this medicinal plant is inside. The properties of fumaria make it a natural detox treatment that is ideal for purifying the body of excesses, alleviating digestive and kidney problems, etc. Applied to the skin, it is also useful for treating skin problems such as acne or rashes. You want to know more?

Properties of fumaria

Present in most of the world, Fumaria officinalis or fumaria is a medicinal plant, also known as blood of Christ or moth, characterized by its showy elongated fuchsia flowers. Due to the multiple properties of fumaria, it has numerous applications in natural medicine that have been known for several centuries.

Fumitory has purifying effects that make it indicated for the treatment of liver and biliary disorders. For the same reason, taking fumaria is also beneficial for digestive problems. Furthermore, fumitory is used as a diuretic or laxative and is an effective antihistamine to control allergic reactions. Finally, fumaria is also used to treat acne, rashes, eczema, and other skin conditions.

How to take fumaria

The benefits of fumaria can be obtained in different ways. In online herbalists like Naturitas you can buy crushed fumaria plant for the preparation of infusions, plasters and poultices. Fumaria extract is also marketed, a dietary supplement to be taken diluted in juices, infusions and other beverages.

Finally, you can find other presentations such as powdered fumarate or tincture of fumaria for the preparation of natural remedies. It is a plant that contains natural alkaloids, so it is necessary to respect the indicated dose to avoid side effects of fumitory.

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