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84 products
84 products
84 products
  1. Quinoa Real from organic farming

    Quinoa Real from organic farming

    1 kg
    $8.11 Msrp Price $9.57 As low as $7.46
  2. Quinoa
    La Finestra sul Cielo


    500 g
  3. Quinoa Bio
    Sol Natural

    Quinoa Bio

    1 kg
    $8.51 Msrp Price $10.80 As low as $8.08
  4. Quinoa Real Bio 4kg
    El Granero Integral

    Quinoa Real Bio 4kg

    4 kg
  5. Organic Royal Quinoa
    El Granero Integral

    Organic Royal Quinoa

    1 kg
    $7.95 Msrp Price $8.24 As low as $7.55
  6. Black Quinoa Grains
    El Oro de los Andes

    Black Quinoa Grains

    500 g
  7. Red Quinoa Grains
    El Oro de los Andes

    Red Quinoa Grains

    500 g
  8. Quinoa mix
    Fior di Loto

    Quinoa mix

    400 g
  9. Quinoa


    500 g
    $5.46 Msrp Price $5.67 As low as $5.13
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Quinoa is a plant native to the Andes mountain range. Although it is often mistaken for a cereal or even a variety of rice, in reality what we eat is its seed. Find out more about quinoa and all products!

Due to the properties of quinoa and its delicious flavor, it is considered a superfood that can be used in many dishes. There is a wide variety of recipes with quinoa that you can prepare to enjoy its benefits, which makes it ideal for incorporating it into a healthy and balanced diet.

Quinoa properties

One of the most notable properties of quinoa is its high protein content, including the Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, which makes taking quinoa suitable for people who follow a vegan diet. Furthermore, the benefits of quinoa include a wide variety of vitamins (mainly B and E) and minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorous, etc.). It also has a high percentage of fiber, so in addition to being healthy as quinoa as food, it is also very digestive.

Besides, quinoa is gluten-free , making it very interesting for celiacs, since it offers a healthy alternative to prepare many recipes with cereals. The satiating effect it has also makes quinoa for weight loss increasingly popular.

How to cook quinoa

Its presentation as small grains very similar to a cereal (although as we have said, it is a seed) offers many ways to cook quinoa . To prepare recipes with quinoa, you must first start by washing it well and then boil it in water as if it were rice until the seed opens. Next, you are ready to prepare quinoa salad, quinoa with vegetables, quinoa with milk or any other dish you can think of.

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