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Seaweed for cooking

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104 products
  1. Agar Seaweed Powder
    Porto Muiños

    Agar Seaweed Powder

    100 g of powder
    $10.27 Msrp Price $14.99 As low as $9.55
  2. Wakame seaweed
    El Granero Integral

    Wakame seaweed

    50 g
    $6.00 Msrp Price $6.55 As low as $5.64
  3. Wakame seaweed

    Wakame seaweed

    100 g
    $8.03 Msrp Price $8.25 As low as $7.71
  4. Agar Agar

    Agar Agar

    50 g of powder
    $7.85 Msrp Price $8.29 As low as $7.46
  5. Hiziki seaweed

    Hiziki seaweed

    50 g
    $7.69 Msrp Price $8.14 As low as $7.23
  6. Nori Seaweed in Sheets
    El Granero Integral

    Nori Seaweed in Sheets

    25 g
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Cooking algae are a great source of iodine, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and other vitamins and minerals. In addition, their great variety and the different presentations that Porto Muiños, Algamar and other brands offer allow them to be incorporated into our diet in many ways.

Prepare a wakame seaweed salad with cucumber, sesame or your favorite vegetables and greens, combining different textures and flavors. Discover all the possibilities of nori seaweed , used mainly for making sushi, but you can also use toast, in your sauces or to make delicious vegetarian burritos, tacos or wraps.

Among the edible algae also stands out the kombu seaweed , with a high protein and iron content that makes it great for vegan cuisine. Cook it with vegetables, pasta, tortilla or appetizing toasts. Another edible seaweed still little known is the cochayuyo, from Chile and with a great contribution of fiber that makes it highly digestive.

Turn the sea into your new garden with edible seaweed. Try them out!

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