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10 products
10 products
  1. Marjoram Essential Oil Bio

    Marjoram Essential Oil Bio

    5 ml of essential oil
    $10.14 Msrp Price $12.23 As low as $9.53
  2. Quintessenza di Maggiorana
    Forza Vitale

    Quintessenza di Maggiorana

    10 ml
  3. Marjoram
    Nova Diet


    40 g
    $1.18 Msrp Price $1.40
  4. Mejorana
    Soria Natural


    40 g
    $1.94 Msrp Price $2.90 As low as $1.82
  5. Marjoram Essence Bio

    Marjoram Essence Bio

    10 ml
    $13.95 Msrp Price $16.39 As low as $13.11
  6. Shredded marjoram herb
    La flor del Pirineo

    Shredded marjoram herb

    35 g
  7. Marjoram Essential Oil

    Marjoram Essential Oil

    10 ml
  8. Marjoram


    40 g
    $1.72 Msrp Price $2.02 As low as $1.62
  9. ORGANIC marjoram
    Will be in stock soon
    La vie en herbes

    ORGANIC marjoram

    38 g
  10. Elixir 04 Ying of Fire (Marjoram)
    Will be in stock soon
    5 Saisons

    Elixir 04 Ying of Fire (Marjoram)

    50 ml
    $20.64 Msrp Price $23.05 As low as $19.40
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Few medicinal plants have such an appropriate name as Origanum majorana, popularly known as marjoram, mayorana or marjorama, when we take into account all its various health benefits. This herbaceous plant of Mediterranean origin is appreciated in the kitchen due to its aroma similar to oregano. However, the most interesting properties of marjoram are found in its interior, which contains numerous active ingredients beneficial to the body. Do you want to know them better?

What is marjoram for

Among other components, marjoram is high in iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals. It is also brimming with vitamins A, B and C, as well as tannins, terpenes and other plant actives.

The properties of marjoram make it very suitable as a food tonic, which helps improve digestion by preventing stomach pain and gas. It is also a powerful diuretic especially indicated for urinary infections. In addition, it acts as an expectorant to cure colds, flu, and other respiratory disorders.

On the other hand, its sedative effects make marjoram a natural remedy to calm the nerves, fight stress and insomnia. Likewise, taking marjoram relieves muscular and rheumatic discomfort due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Finally, the marjoram applied to the skin has an effective antiseptic and antimicrobial action that helps to treat wounds, scars, herpes and allergic reactions.

How to take marjoram

To enjoy its healthy properties, we can prepare an infusion of marjoram with crushed dried herb of this plant to take before meals or before going to bed, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Another way to take marjoram is through ready-made food supplements such as marjoram essential oil , which can be diluted in other drinks or vegetable oils to make rubs and poultices.

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