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39 products
  1. Peppermint oil

    Peppermint oil

    90 capsules
    $15.98 Msrp Price $17.55 As low as $15.02
  2. Shredded Peppermint Herb

    Shredded Peppermint Herb

    1 kg
    $20.56 Msrp Price $24.19 As low as $18.71
  3. Prima Essenza di Menta
    Forza Vitale

    Prima Essenza di Menta

    10 ml
    $24.76 Msrp Price $32.92 As low as $23.52
  4. Fifth Mint Essence
    Forza Vitale

    Fifth Mint Essence

    10 ml
    $20.24 Msrp Price $27.95 As low as $18.82
  5. Peppermint Herb Leaf

    Peppermint Herb Leaf

    1 kg
    $21.79 Msrp Price $29.12 As low as $20.48
  6. SYS Mint
    Forza Vitale

    SYS Mint

    50 ml
    $21.64 Msrp Price $24.54 As low as $20.13
  7. Peppermint


    40 g (Mint)
  8. Mint Leaves
    Nova Diet

    Mint Leaves

    40 g
    $1.37 Msrp Price $1.49
  9. Peppermint Herb (Leaf)

    Peppermint Herb (Leaf)

    25 g
    $1.03 Msrp Price $1.46 As low as $0.95
  10. Peppermint


    20 g
    $1.12 Msrp Price $1.19 As low as $1.02
  11. Mint Pennyroyal Infusions
    Soria Natural

    Mint Pennyroyal Infusions

    20 units
    $3.23 Msrp Price $3.99 As low as $3.04
  12. Organic spearmint
    La vie en herbes

    Organic spearmint

    27 g
  13. Mint Poleo Bag

    Mint Poleo Bag

    50 g
    $3.01 Msrp Price $3.94 As low as $2.89
  14. Organic Peppermint floral water

    Organic Peppermint floral water

    200 ml of floral water (Mint)
  15. Pennyroyal infusion

    Pennyroyal infusion

    25 units
    $2.16 Msrp Price $2.75 As low as $2.07
  16. Mint Essential Oil

    Mint Essential Oil

    10 ml
    $6.30 Msrp Price $6.77 As low as $5.86
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Mint is a herbaceous plant highly appreciated in gastronomy for its aromatic and refreshing qualities, which is also very easy to grow at home. However, apart from being an essential aromatic herb in many food and drink recipes, peppermint is also a medicinal plant with numerous beneficial health applications, which have been known since ancient times. We invite you to know the properties of mint and all the ways that exist to use it in natural medicine!

Properties of mint

There are few aromatic herbs as versatile in the kitchen as mint, which is used to enhance the flavor of vegetables and legumes as well as to prepare tasty desserts or even drinks. Something similar happens with the medicinal properties of mint.

Among other benefits of mint , its digestive qualities are especially known, which whet the appetite and prevent the appearance of heartburn, gas, nausea and other disorders. Its menthol content, a plant alcohol with decongestant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, makes peppermint ideal for treating colds, flu, bronchitis and other respiratory congestion problems.

Peppermint is also an anticoagulant that improves blood circulation and helps heal bumps, bruises and sprains. Likewise, applied to the skin, it can treat fungi, urticaria, dermatitis and other disorders. Finally, peppermint is a natural stimulant that lifts the mood and is even credited with aphrodisiac properties.

Ways to drink mint

There are many varieties of mint, although the most used in herbal medicine are peppermint and pennyroyal. You can buy dried mint leaves to prepare infusions, herbal teas, poultices, etc. Another common presentation is peppermint essential oil , which you can add to drinks or use to prepare your own natural cosmetics.

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