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Evening Primrose Oil

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6 products
6 products
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    Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg with 10% GLA and Vitamin E

    200 pearls
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    60 capsules
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    Donna Plus

    Donna Plus Oilnagra

    150 ml
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    Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg

    30 capsules 1000mg
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Although the best known properties of evening primrose oil are all related to the treatment of premenstrual symptoms and menopause, the benefits of evening primrose oil also extend to skin care and other health disorders such as cholesterol, arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Evening primrose oil benefits

One of the most unique properties of evening primrose oil is its high content of essential fatty acids. This makes it very suitable for cholesterol and high blood pressure, in addition to preventing skin aging and strengthening hair and nails.

Other benefits of evening primrose oil include an anti-inflammatory effect that alleviates PMS symptoms in women and prostate problems in men. Evening primrose oil is also known for hot flashes and hot flashes at menopause, in addition to reducing dry mucosa and mood swings.

How to take evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil is obtained by pressing the seeds of this plant. Brands like Naturitas , Plantapol , Nature Essential or Sotya offer it in different formats. Pure evening primrose oil has a rather bitter taste, so it is applied to the skin.

For its part, evening primrose oil in pearls or evening primrose oil capsules allow taking evening primrose oil in a more comfortable way, reducing the side effects of ingesting an excessive dose of evening primrose oil. Contraindications of excess evening primrose oil may include nausea, upset stomach, or headache.

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