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7 products
7 products
  1. Kelp


    100 capsules of 550mg
  2. Kelp
    Health Aid


    240 tablets
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  3. Kelp Holofit

    Kelp Holofit

    50 capsules
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  4. Kelp Holofit
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    Kelp Holofit

    180 capsules
  5. Kelp 150 mcg
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    Kelp 150 mcg

    200 tablets
    $10.46 Msrp Price $12.37
  6. Kelp Iodine
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    Kelp Iodine

    250 tablets
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  7. Kelp Iodine Source
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    Kelp Iodine Source

    30 tablets
    $7.05 Msrp Price $8.80 As low as $6.63
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Kelp seaweed grows in the coldest waters of the oceans, a superfood that provides many benefits due to its ability to filter and retain marine nutrients. It also has the ability to reduce fat absorption, so taking kelp seaweed for weight loss can be a natural aid to make your weight loss purposes come true. Find out more about this edible seaweed and learn about the kelp seaweed dietary supplements available at Naturitas.

Properties of kelp seaweed

They are known as kelp, a family of seaweeds that grow in cold and shallow waters, where they form true underwater forests. It is an edible seaweed especially valuable from a nutritional point of view due to its content in vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is also highly digestive and low in calories, in addition to containing iodine that helps regulate the thyroid.

Another of the properties of kelp seaweed that makes it so interesting is that it provides vegetable proteins that are very low in sugars, apart from having very little sodium despite its slightly salty flavor. For all these characteristics, kelp seaweed is considered a super food, although its most popular application is in weight loss treatments.

Take kelp seaweed to lose weight

In addition to being healthy, kelp seaweed has the ability to slow down the absorption of fats that we eat when eating other foods. This makes it an aid to lose weight naturally. For this, at Naturitas you can find kelp seaweed supplements for weight loss from brands such as Equisalud, Solaray or Solgar. They are available in capsules, tablets and tablets for easy dosing and just taking them with meals can help you lose weight and enjoy the other properties of kelp seaweed.

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