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Ear care

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74 products
74 products
74 products
  1. Otostick Ear Corrector

    Otostick Ear Corrector

    8 units
    $20.28 Msrp Price $23.19 As low as $19.87
  2. Lavender ear candles
    Harmony's Candles

    Lavender ear candles

    2 units
  3. Nature ear candles
    Harmony's Candles

    Nature ear candles

    2 units
  4. Ear Cones

    Ear Cones

    2 units
    $6.74 Msrp Price $6.76 As low as $6.13
  5. Ear Cones

    Ear Cones

    4 units
  6. Natural wax ear plugs

    Natural wax ear plugs

    16 units
    $6.68 Msrp Price $6.89 As low as $6.15
  7. Anti-noise earplug

    Anti-noise earplug

    6 units
    $7.53 Msrp Price $9.79 As low as $7.30
  8. Candles for the ears
    Tonic Nature

    Candles for the ears

    10 units
    $33.09 Msrp Price $46.48 As low as $31.10
  9. Otofree Ear Cone Medical Device
    Erboristeria Magentina

    Otofree Ear Cone Medical Device

    2 units
  10. Foam ear plugs

    Foam ear plugs

    6 units
    $5.45 Msrp Price $5.51 As low as $5.18
  11. Extrasmall ear candles
    Harmony's Candles

    Extrasmall ear candles

    2 units
  12. Audimer plugs

    Audimer plugs

    12 ml
    $12.89 Msrp Price $13.86 As low as $12.12
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Both our ears and ear canals are permanently exposed to external aggressions that can lead to infections and other ear problems. To prevent these disorders, proper ear care is necessary. At Naturitas we offer you everything you need for ear hygiene: ear buds, spray and plugs, ear candles, etc.

Importance of ear care

Ears are exposed to three main types of threats: excessive noise, infectious agents, and accumulations of wax or water. All three can cause annoying ear disorders that can even lead to hearing loss. To avoid this, it is advisable to take proper care of the ears with hearing hygiene products and avoid exposing yourself to loud sounds for a long time.

Ear care products

Ear hygiene must be done daily. When you shower, lather your ears and then make sure to dry them well with the towel, to avoid leaving moisture where infections can develop. To clean the inside of the ears, you can use ear buds (the classic cotton buds or ecological bamboo buds, always without going too deep) or an ear spray .

Other products for hearing cleaning are ear cones , made with natural products such as beeswax, as well as ear candles . These solutions can help to remove wax plugs, although when they are persistent it is better to use a special product to dissolve wax plugs.

Finally, in this section you will also find ear plugs , both noise plugs and swimming plugs and anti-pressure plugs, for adults and children.

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