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Gemmo 10+ tilia tomentosa (Tiglio Argenteo)

100 ml
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Gemmo 10+ Tiglio Argenteo - Non-alcoholic Liquid by Dr. Giorgini is a food supplement that promotes sleep and night rest. Improve your mood.
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Gemmo 10+ Tiglio Argenteo - Non-alcoholic Liquid by Dr. Giorgini is a food supplement that promotes sleep and night rest. Improve your mood.

Properties and benefits of Gemmo 10+ tilia tomentosa (Tiglio Argenteo)

The Gemmo 10 + ®, prepared with the method invented by Dr. Giorgini, offer the consumer some concentrated bud extracts containing the entire phytocomplex of the plants. All Gemmo 10 + ® are obtained using only fresh meristematic tissues, ie embryonic tissues in the process of growth. The buds, the young shoots, the young roots, the rinds of the young branches or the sap of the plants are collected in spring and processed on the same day to maintain their freshness. The special cold working method allows to extract and preserve intact all the active and nutritive principles of the embryonic tissues of the plants. All Gemmo 10+ are 100% natural and do not contain: added sugars, alcohol, preservatives, flavors and artificial sweeteners. Unlike the common gemmoderivatives, Dr. Giorgini's Gemmo 10+ have a final extraction ratio of 1:10, i.e. from 1 kg of fresh meristematic tissues you get 10 liters of concentrated product! In addition, the Gemmo 10+ are non-alcoholic (without alcohol) and with a very pleasant taste, also suitable for children.

How to take Gemmo 10+ tilia tomentosa (Tiglio Argenteo)?

It is recommended to take the following doses at any time:
• 1.4 ml for children from 1 to 3 years;
• 2 ml for children from 4 to 6 years;
• 3.5 ml for children from 7 to 10 years;
• 5 ml for adults.
Dilute the product in hot or cold water. If desired, the three doses can also be taken in a single solution. Graduated measuring cup included in the package.


Double-distilled vegetable glycerin, pure water, silver lime, fresh buds.