Glass Suction Cup Kit

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Glass Suction Cup Kit

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Kit of AA Glass Suction Cups, thick and resistant glass.
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3 Unit(s) in stock

Store review (4.70 / 5) EXCELLENT


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Kit of AA Glass Suction Cups, thick and resistant glass.


Kit of glass suction pads with fingerprints to facilitate the taking with thick edge in the opening. It is possible to place the suction cup with the opening upwards thanks to its flattening in the head. The Kit brings 3 suction cups with the following dimensions: 3cm; 4cm; 5.5cm.

Cupping therapy is also called with the English term cupping, which derives from 'cup' which means cup, and consists of applying cups - normally made of glass or plastic - on the patient's body, and making an effect with them vacuum by means of which the suction cup adheres to the body and sucks the skin and part of the muscle, opening the pores and stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Intake mode

It is recommended for massage once the vacuum has been made and the suction cup has been placed on the patient's skin, it slides from one side to the other producing a massage effect (for which an oil will have previously been applied to facilitate sliding suction cup), which stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph and serves to eliminate toxins.

Fixed suction cup: The suction cup is attached at certain points in order to treat certain areas of the body through its reflex points on the back.

Application and extraction of the suction cup: it is only used on the back and consists of applying the suction cup and leaving it for only a few seconds, then changing to another part of the area to be treated. It is used to loosen excess mucus when there is pulmonary congestion.

Composition of Glass Suction Cup Kit

Thick glass.


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