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Green Tea by Dr. Giorgini is an herbal tea blend based on Green, Oolong and Black Tea.
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Green Tea by Dr. Giorgini is an herbal tea blend based on Green, Oolong and Black Tea.

Properties and benefits of CINA GREEN TEA 650G

When the leaves of the tea plant are harvested and dried, we have Green Tea; if the same leaves are subjected to a semi-fermentation process (light fermentation) followed by drying, Oolong Tea is obtained; when, finally, the leaves are fermented, dried and toasted, they take the name of Black Tea. During preparation, various fragrant flowers, rhizomes or seeds are added to many qualities of tea, thus producing fragrant teas. Green Tea is richer than the other two in essential oil and polyphenols, but to ensure the total extraction of these healthy principles, Green Tea should be kept in infusion much longer than the few minutes practiced for an ordinary infusion (see procedure 'use).

How to take CINA GREEN TEA 650G?

The following method of use is recommended: To extract the aroma and the theine: in a cup of hot water, infuse 1 teaspoon (2 g) for about 5 minutes. To also extract polyphenols: the Chinese method consists in pouring boiling water several times a day on the same Green Tea leaves placed in a teapot. Two other methods can be suggested. The first consists in pouring a liter of boiling water over 3 large spoons of Green Tea (about 15 g) placed in a pot; leave to infuse covered all night; heat the infusion with the leaves in the morning; filter through a stainless steel strainer (placed on a funnel) into a bottle; and consume throughout the day. The second method consists in using the heated base of an American coffee machine, on which to place the teapot with the Green Tea leaves already in boiling water and thus keep the Green Tea leaves in hot infusion and take it out gradually. When the time is short, Dr. Giorgini has prepared two complete, concentrated and ready-to-use Green Tea extracts: Green Tea-T, in tablets; and TMG Green Tea (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) which can be diluted dropwise in hot or cold water.


Green tea leaves.