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Grama from El Naturalista, this plant is recommended for states in which an increase in urine output is required: lithiasis, rheumatism, gout. Consolidation of fractures.
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Grama from El Naturalista, this plant is recommended for states in which an increase in urine output is required: lithiasis, rheumatism, gout. Consolidation of fractures.

Properties and benefits of Grama

This plant is beneficial thanks to its pharmacological action: Potassium salts and triticin make botanical grass a diuretic plant. Silica, remineralizing. it is diuretic and purifying. Hypoglycemic, antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective and collagogue virtues are also attributed to it. The main health benefits: Potassium salts give it clear diuretic and purifying effects. It is indicated to stimulate the production of urine and to promote the elimination of toxins through it. It contributes to preventing and neutralizing urinary tract infection, in cystitis, urethritis, ureteritis and prostatitis. It will help you reduce edema and fluid retention. It is intended, in combination with other plants, to prevent the formation of stones in the kidney, as a natural support in case of painful nephritic colic.

It is a valid supply of potassium, very useful for those who need to compensate for sodium levels in the blood. In this case, potassium in the diet should be promoted, and the grass is a firm ally. When a shortage of potassium occurs due to the prolonged use of laxatives or diuretics, taking grass can help to recover it. To combat symptoms of a potassium deficiency, such as fatigue and cramps, and muscle aches. The grass has a remarkable antihypertensive effect in long-range treatments. Again in combination with other plants that reinforce its action, such as corn, olive or hawthorn, it is a good herbalist resource to moderate blood pressure. It is attributed a mild hypoglycemic effect, useful as a support for diabetics. It contributes to favoring the elimination of uric acid. It is an interesting ally in case of hyperuricemia or gout.

It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, useful for reducing rheumatic inflammation and relieving pain, in arthritis and incipient osteoarthritis. It shows a slight protective and purifying effect on the liver. It has been added in formulas intended for detoxifying cures, and to reduce liver inflammation. The grass has also been incorporated into herbal formulations to relieve migraine associated with liver disorders, with fumaria, feverfew and sage, among others. It is also incorporated into mixed herbal teas to treat food poisoning and to relieve empachos, due to its decongestant, purifying and detoxifying effect. It prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder and stimulates the production of bile. The rhizome of grass, despite its pungent or tasteless flavor, is taken in cold or very cold infusion, with oats and fennel, to combat thirst and dehydration in the summer months.

How to take Grama?

It is recommended to boil 10 minutes, let stand 30 minutes.


Starch, Fructose, Mannitol, Levulose, Mucilages, Saponin, Traces of essence, Triticin, Abundant potassium salts.