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Belladonna 30 CA by Dr. Giorgini is a soft drink that constitutes an archaeopath of homeopaths.
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Store review (4.70 / 5) EXCELLENT


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Belladonna 30 CA by Dr. Giorgini is a soft drink that constitutes an archaeopath of homeopaths.

Properties and benefits of BELLADONNA 30 CA

Archaeopaths are prepared starting from the archetype (mathematical model) and not from the substance. The archetype, therefore, also allows the preparation of archaeopaths of sensations and moods. The number that appears next to the name of the drink indicates the degree of power (CA = Harmonic Cycle) obtained from the magnetic frequency applied to the water to impress, through a magnetization process, the memory of a certain archetype. Currently the only Archaeopaths available are those with 30 AC power. Archaeopaths should not be confused with Homeopaths, the latter in fact are prepared through successive dilutions of a starting substance. Instead in the Archaeopaths a mathematical model is memorized in the water through a process of magnetization. In this way water preserves the idea or memory of a certain archetype.

How to take BELLADONNA 30 CA?

It is recommended to take it once or more times a day, or you can take about half of the content directly in the mouth and the other half after 15 days.


Double-distilled vegetable glycerin, pure magnetized water with the indicated archetype.