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2 products
2 products
  1. Regenerates Sport

    Regenerates Sport

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  2. Hemp Powder (Protein 50%)
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    Hemp Powder (Protein 50%)

    200 g of powder
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Hemp protein is obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant, through cold pressing that separates the oil from the proteins. Hemp seeds are rich in protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and enzymes. They have almost no sugars, starches or saturated fats and are a nutritious and beneficial food for health. Hemp protein is a complete vegetable protein rich in amino acids, very suitable for those who have chosen a vegetarian or vegan diet. It is also perfect for athletes, as it stimulates muscle tone and facilitates recovery after training.

Properties of hemp protein

Hemp protein is a vegetable protein that is very easy to digest, as it contains less fat. In addition, it contains all the essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize and must obtain through food. Hemp protein provides magnesium and iron, which help reduce tiredness and fatigue during sports: magnesium helps relax muscles and prevent injuries, while iron is essential for oxygen transport. This protein is rich in Omega 3 and has an antioxidant effect thanks to its high content of vitamin E. Being richer in fiber than animal proteins, it helps regulate intestinal transit.

How to take hemp protein

Hemp is a food that provides much fewer calories than a cereal such as wheat. Thanks to its fiber component, hemp protein helps maintain normal bowel function. Among other things, it stimulates the increase in physical energy thanks to the vitamin complex B1 and B2 and iron. Therefore, it is excellent for combating muscle fatigue. Hemp proteins fill you up in a healthy way, stimulating the feeling of satiety and helping to control body weight. Thanks to the presence of essential polyunsaturated fats such as omega 6 and omega 3, they help control cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol and blood sugar. Its magnesium content promotes bone health and stimulates protein synthesis, which strengthens muscles and joints. Discover all the benefits of hemp protein at Naturitas.

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