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Magnesium oxide

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  1. Magnesium Peroxide

    Magnesium Peroxide

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  2. Magnesium peroxide powder

    Magnesium peroxide powder

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  3. Activate FS

    Activate FS

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Magnesium oxide or magnesia is a white hygroscopic solid mineral chemical compound that occurs in nature as periclase and is a source of magnesium. Magnesium oxide in aqueous suspension (milk of magnesia) is used for heartburn relief as an antacid and also as a short-term laxative and to improve symptoms of indigestion. Find out more about magnesium oxide and all its benefits!

What is magnesium oxide and what is it used for?

Magnesium oxide is taken as an oral solution to treat heartburn, indigestion, and stomach pains. Magnesium oxide is used to: relieve stomach conditions caused by heat or heartburn, as a laxative for short periods to achieve rapid emptying of the intestines or as a dietary supplement when the amount of magnesium present in the diet is not sufficient.

Magnesium Oxide Properties

  • It is mainly used to calm heartburn, digestion disorders and stomach conditions that can occur if the patient has gastric hyperacidity.
  • On other occasions, it can act as a laxative (it is part of the osmotic laxatives). The expected effects appear approximately 3 hours after use.
  • Its use can be applied both in a case of occasional constipation and in patients who are going to perform certain medical tests. This is the case for endoscopy, surgical intervention or surgery and even for radiological studies.
  • It can be beneficial for people who are not able to eat fiber or who do not process the changes in a life model.

Include magnesium oxide in your daily routine to notice changes in your digestive system!

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