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Magnesium chloride

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7 products
7 products
  1. Magnesium chloride
    Ana Maria Lajusticia

    Magnesium chloride

    400 g of powder
    $10.44 Msrp Price $12.49 As low as $10.05
  2. Magnesium chloride
    Nature et Partage

    Magnesium chloride

    500 g
  3. Magnesium chloride

    Magnesium chloride

    200 tablets of 120g
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  4. Magnesium chloride

    Magnesium chloride

    100 tablets
    $7.00 Msrp Price $7.65 As low as $6.53
  5. Nigari - magnesium chloride
    Will be in stock soon

    Nigari - magnesium chloride

    1 kg
  6. Nigari - magnesium chloride
    Will be in stock soon

    Nigari - magnesium chloride

    100 g of powder
  7. Alkavita Mag - Magnesium Chloride
    Will be in stock soon

    Alkavita Mag - Magnesium Chloride

    120 tablets of 1130mg
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Magnesium chloride is a mineral composed of chlorine and magnesium that is used to prevent and treat diseases and infections and strengthen bones and teeth. Magnesium chloride is excellent for the skin and is used as a coagulant in some food preparations. Thanks to its properties, many people include it in their diet.

What is magnesium chloride?

Magnesium chloride is a mineral that participates in various reactions in the body, such as energy, blood glucose regulation, muscle function, and the formation of bones and teeth. This mineral is present mainly in potatoes, legumes, nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables, cereals and dairy products.

What is magnesium chloride good for?

Magnesium chloride serves mainly to strengthen the immune system and to obtain a correct balance, it functions as a regulator of the body and is essential for energy. In addition, it helps prevent muscle injuries, balances the PH of the blood and strengthens the bones. For athletes it is very important, because it provides energy and helps prevent injuries.

Where does magnesium chloride come from?

Magnesium chloride is found in green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Foods that contain more magnesium chloride are meats such as chicken and liver; fish such as hake and salmon; legumes such as chickpeas, lentils and beans; green leafy vegetables, that is artichokes, spinach and Swiss chard; fruits like apple, banana and avocado; nuts; whole grains, such as oatmeal and quinoa; dark chocolate. At Naturitas you have several options to include magnesium chloride in your diet. Discover them!

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