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Dairy products

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Dairy products are a source of calcium, vitamins and minerals that cannot be missing in our diet. For this, at Naturitas we offer you a wide variety of dairy products of animal origin such as organic yogurt, kefir or probiotic yogurt.

If you have a milk intolerance, you can buy lactose-free yogurts, and if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, we also have plant-based dairy like vegan cheese. Whichever option you choose, make sure dairy is on your table!

Organic dairy products

Organic dairy products are made from the milk of animals raised on organic livestock farms. These farms take care of the welfare of the animals, feed them with grass and organic feed and avoid the use of hormones or antibiotics. In addition, they follow traditional manufacturing methods without preservatives or additives.

Within organic dairy products we find a great variety. The best known is organic or organic yogurt , generally cow, although there is also sheep and goat yogurt. In addition, in recent years, probiotic yogurts from Activia and other brands have proliferated, adding beneficial ingredients for the intestine, defenses, cholesterol, etc. to its composition. A lesser-known alternative to probiotic yogurts is kefir . It is a drink made from milk, more liquid than yogurt and with less lactose. Another possibility if milk doesn't suit you is lactose-free yogurts.

Other organic dairy products

In the event that you cannot drink milk or have opted for a vegetarian or vegan diet, you do not have to give up dairy. There are many plant-based dairy products, such as vegan cheese, vegan mozzarella, or vegan grated cheese, that will surprise you with their taste and can be used in your recipes. Try them and you will see!

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