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223 products
223 products
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  1. Suncoat Girl

    Little mermaid

    1 unit
  2. Suncoat Girl

    Glam Girl

    2 units 9ml
  3. Suncoat Girl

    Baby violet nail polish for children

    1 unit 9ml (Violet)
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Are there ecological nail polishes?

Buying cheap nail polishes is often synonymous with using manicure products with compounds that are harmful to the environment. However, organic nail polishes have a formulation that replaces most of these substances with natural ingredients from sustainable sources that are more environmentally friendly.

These eco-friendly nail polishes are available in a wide variety of colors, shades, and finishes. Its use is similar to that of a conventional nail polish, although you should bear in mind that sometimes they are less permanent as they carry less chemicals. On the other hand, removing nail polish in this type of products is usually easier because it does not require nail polish removers.

Due to its composition, there are also ecological nail polishes for children that they can use without any risk to their health, although they should always be done under the supervision of adults.

Where to buy organic nail polish

At Naturitas you can find a wide assortment of organic nail polishes . We have ecological nail gel, matte nail polish, nail polish bases as well as ecological nail polish kits with everything you need to look perfect on every occasion.

If, in addition to an environmentally friendly bio nail polish, you also want to make sure that it is free of animal cruelty, we offer you vegan nail polish made without ingredients of animal origin and nail polish not tested on animals.

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