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Sulfur Soap

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3 products
3 products
  1. Natural Sulfur Soap

    Natural Sulfur Soap

    100 g
    $1.75 Msrp Price $2.15 As low as $1.69
  2. Natural Aromatic Sulmare Soap With Marine Sludge and Sulfur

    Natural Aromatic Sulmare Soap With Marine Sludge and Sulfur

    100 g
    $5.09 Msrp Price $7.89 As low as $4.90
  3. Purifying Soap With Sulfur
    Will be in stock soon
    I Provenzali

    Purifying Soap With Sulfur

    100 g
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Sulfur is a very popular natural mineral in dermatology, with many beneficial properties for the skin. It is essential for sporadic use in your facial routine. Skin disorders can be effectively treated with this mineral. Hence the origin of sulfur soap. We tell you more about this fantastic product, do not miss it!

Properties of sulfur soap

Sulfur soap is composed of a maximum of 10% sulfur and other substances such as glycerin and/or moisturizing oils, so the final product has a chemical balance for the skin. These ingredients have many properties for the care of our skin: sulfur soap has an antiseborrheic, antidandruff, disinfectant, astringent, anti- inflammatory, purifying and exfoliating effect.

What is sulfur soap used for?

It is important to know that sulfur soap should be used occasionally, since excessive use can cause skin irritation and dry skin. For this reason, we recommend that after cleaning, you use a cream that provides you with hydration. But what is sulfur soap for?

  • Acne : It is used regularly to treat oily skin, as it promotes drying of the complexion and helps to unclog pores. Thus, you will be able to show off a fat-free T zone.
  • Scalp : the use of irons, dryers and dyes alter our hair. Thus, sulfur soap helps promote healthy and shiny hair, as it counteracts the effects of chemical agents and high temperatures.
  • Nail fungus : the daily use of soap on the hands and feet provides a disinfectant action, promoting the elimination of germs and bacteria.
  • Boils : Soap is effective in treating pilosebaceous follicle problems, which cause swelling and pain in the affected area.

You can find this product in brands such as Plantapol, Bifemme, Laboratorio SYS, Botanicum, Zorro d'Avi, Grisi,…

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